100% Post Consumer Waste Business Cards From Moo

MOO Green Business Cards Go Greener photo
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Photo via Moo.com.
Guest bloggers Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer are the co-founders of NaturallySavvy.com.

Fans of printing company MOO--known for allowing customers to print a different photo on every card--were happy to learn that the company was shipping from the U.S. and offered a green business card option. But the quality of the printed images weren't quite as sharp as the laminated not-so-eco-friendly cards.

Now MOO is improving their Green Business Card line by changing their stock to a "super eco friendly paper" that allows for "crisp photograph or illustration," the company writes on their blog.What makes this new card stock so much better?

It's still non-laminated, but it's a thicker paper that has a special coating that banishes those fuzzy lines and slightly muted colors. As MOO puts it, "the difference between the Eco stock and the MOO Classic really is just the finish."

The stock is made from 100% post-consumer waste, is FSC Certified, and is chlorine and acid free. And if that's not enough, wind energy is used for manufacturing. As MOO puts it,

In short, it's as green as we can get it, without picking it straight off the tree.

Pricing: 50 cards will set you back $25, and a set of 200 cards are $80.