Portable Dishwasher Designed for Camping, but Would Work at Home

ecowash dishwasher design image
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All images via Yanko

I have never understood dishwashers. They are not designed around the number of dishes one might use in a meal, they do not seem to be designed around the dishes and glasses that we use, we are always filling or emptying them. I always thought that one should actually have two of them, so that one can use it as storage and just move the dishes back and forth from one to another. I have also thought that they should come with dishes that were designed together with the dishwasher to optimize the space utilization and efficiency.

Now designer David Stockton has done exactly that: he has designed a system where the dishes and the washer are optimized for storage and cleaning with the minimum amount of water.

ecowash dishwasher design image

As shown on Yanko, the dishes and cutlery click into the device and then one turns the crank, which is geared to increase the speed of rotation, much like a lettuce spinner. Also like a spinner, it will dry the plates by both centrifugal force and air movement.

ecowash dishwasher design image

One can imagine an automated home version that uses the same principles, but with much less water, power and space consumption than a conventional dishwasher. It's wonderful to see a design that actually addresses the entire problem, instead of just applying brute force.