10 of the Most Popular Office Lunches Around the World

A U.K. survey found that over 80 percent of office workers are bored with their lunch. . (Photo: Blend Images/Shutterstock)

I'm spoiled because on most work days, the entire contents of my kitchen are available for me to make my lunch. For those who work in an office, the choices are more limited — especially if they don't bring in lunch from home.

After discovering that 81 percent of people across the U.K. were bored with their office lunches, the British office supply company Viking researched what a typical office lunch looks like in 10 countries. They hoped to encourage office workers who were uninspired with their midday meal to make some changes.

The American lunch is so sad that I think we need some inspiration here in the U.S., too. I've put these office lunches from around the world in the order in which I find them appealing. Your preferences may be different.


office lunch in France
typical office lunch in France. (Photo: Viking)

I had a hard time deciding whether I'd like the lunch from France or Turkey more, but France won out simply because I'm obsessed with the country's food culture. Doesn't that baguette look fabulously crusty? This filling lunch could use some greens for added nutrition, but it sure looks appealing.


office lunch Turkey
typical office lunch in Turkey. (Photo: Viking)

Spinach and feta on flat bread — called pide in Turkey — with some greens and tomato on the side looks delicious. And that coffee definitely doesn't look like it came out of the office coffeepot that's been sitting there since morning.


office lunch netherlands
typical office lunch in the Netherlands. (Photo: Viking)

This lunch may not look too different from the lunch you brought from home when you were in school, but I like it because of that. A cheese sandwich works for me. And a nice assortment of fruit appeals to me, too.


office lunch brazil
typical office lunch in Brazil. (Photo: Viking)

Bean stew looks flavorful, hearty and nutritious. I can see eating this as an office lunch, particularly on a chilly day. I'd probably swap out the coconut water for plain water, though.


office lunch italy
typical office lunch in Italy. (Photo: Viking)

A small portion of pasta and a salad is a great lunch. And like with the Turkish coffee, this espresso looks very appealing — a great midday pick-me-up. I'd leave the bread alone, though. Pasta plus bread equals a late afternoon food coma.


office lunch in India
typical office lunch in India. (Photo: Viking)

That's some Indian comfort food right there waiting to make your stomach happy after a long morning of meetings and sending emails. I'm totally swapping out the chai tea for the Italian espresso, though.


office lunch Austria
typical office lunch in Austria. (Photo: Viking)

This is a perfect lunch for the meat and potatoes lover. I wouldn't hate it, but I wouldn't want to eat it often. Schnitzel is thinly pounded pork or veal that's breaded and fried. I don't want fried food every day for lunch, even if it is yummy.


office lunch germany
typical office lunch in Germany. (Photo: Viking)

This doesn't look too different from what gets put on an American school lunch plate: French fries and meat with a piece of fruit on the side. This does not appeal to me. On a side note, I was unaware curry was so popular in Germany that it would be a popular lunch item.


office lunch England
typical office lunch in England. (Photo: Viking)

Leek and potato soup sounds good, but I don't like canned tuna or malt candy so this lunch doesn't do anything for me. Change that tuna sandwich to a grilled cheese, and you might have my attention.


office lunch in America
typical office lunch in the U.S. (Photo: Viking)

This sad lunch comes at the bottom of my wish list. Frozen pizza? Skittles? I find Skittles gag inducing. And that ice cream looks like an ice cream cup from a 1970s birthday party. Is this really the typical American office worker's lunch most days? I suppose I now have another reason to be glad I've rarely worked in an office.

Do any of these lunches give you inspiration to change it up with what you eat each day at work?