A Deaf and Blind Poodle Found Her Way Home After Escaping From a Hawk's Clutches

The 16-year-old poodle is back in her owner's arms. Still from YouTube/WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

Not many dogs stolen away by a hawk find their way back home. You might expect those odds to get a lot slimmer when that dog is a toy poodle who is both deaf and blind.

Then again, Porschia may be six-and-a-half pounds of pure heart. And she followed that heart all the way back to her family in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

"All I can do is thank God for the miracle, because I don't know how else this dog could have survived," the dog's owner, Deborah Falcione, tells WTAE-TV Pittsburgh.

Last Thursday, Falcione reportedly let the 16-year-old poodle bask in a little sun on her upper-storey deck. But when she returned to the deck, she found Porschia missing.

She assumed a hawk had snatched the dog.

"I was crying my eyes out. She is my life. My dogs are my life."

Falcione braved hours of bitter cold searching the neighborhood. But to no avail.

It wouldn't be the first time, a raptor zeroed in on someone's dog. In fact, hawks have a deadly talent for it. Their vision is anywhere from four to eight times as sharp as ours. They fly silent. And those talons are as sharp as forks.

It all adds up to the ultimate ambush — and for pet owners, the ultimate heartache.

But sometimes, even the most refined predator makes a fumble. Like when a puppy seemed to fall from the sky amid a group of construction workers in Austin, Texas, last year.

It isn't clear exactly how little Porschia escaped the hawk's clutches. But 28 hours after the dog disappeared, Falcione got a call from her local veterinary clinic. A neighbor had found Porschia just a few blocks from her home.

The poodle was a little lethargic, but otherwise in fine health.

"How she got away I will never know," Falcione tells WTAE-TV Pittsburgh. "How she survived it, I have no idea."