Runaway Pony Leads Police on a Merry Chase

It's not every day that police have to lasso an escapee.

But as police officers from the Clewiston Police Department in Florida discovered, you just don't know what tools you'll need to do your job from one day to the next.

After receiving reports of a pony galloping near vehicles along U.S. Highway 27 near Lake Okeechobee, police pursued the runaway steed on foot. As they noted in a Facebook post about the incident, officers quickly realized "they need to step their cardio game up" and try a different approach.

The police used carrots to lure the pony to a safe area and then lassoed the critter.

While the pony was "processed for eluding an officer," the police opted to return the runaway to its pasture instead. In fact, that's the slow-moving escort you see in the video above. Upon its return home, the pony was eagerly greeted by his equine friends.