Nothing to See Here, Just a Corgi on a Pony …

We all love unlikely animal friendships. The idea of two different species paling around tickles us to no end.

But some of these are secret friendships, cloaked in the secrecy afforded by night. Take Cricket the pony and a neighbor's corgi, for example.

Cricket's human companion, Callie, came upon this surprising duo one night last week after returning from dinner and posted this video. There's Cricket and atop him is a little dog. No sooner does Callie get some footage than Cricket trots off, as if to say, "This isn't any of your business, Callie. Me and this doggo, we have things to discuss."

According to Callie, the dog just likes to roam around, and he and Cricket are just good buddies — which is good, especially when you're taking moon-lit rides. The dog doesn't fall off, and he always seems to return home when the two are done hanging out for the day.

So prance on, you crazy animals. Prance on.