Please Take a Seat ... On the Terrarium

Images: Fiore Arcangelo.

Air-purifying houseplants in your hanging pendant lamp, grass in your coffee table, flowers in your hammock stand, and now ladies and gentlemen, terrariums in your chair.

To be clear the Ecoo Chair, the conceptual brainchild of Italian designer Fiore Arcangelo, is actually one giant terrarium and not a display case for all of your precious individual glass-enclosed ecosystems ... that's what tabletops are for. Made from transparent polycarbonate (ugh) and boasting an “amorphous cornucopia” shape that’s supported by a red steel frame, the Ecoo Chair can be filled with an array of hardy plants that grow from a soil/rock base deposited at the bottom of the seat. From the looks of it, you can even put a lil' pond in there, too. The back of the chair is left open for watering/nourishment purposes and so that the interior of the seat can breathe, allowing air to move in and out. Yep, this is a modern seat that you water.

Wild and wildly inventive stuff although the chair itself doesn't look all that comfortable. I'd be a little self-conscious sitting on it I must say — oh excuse me plants, am I blocking your light? — and would be worried if I had small pets or children scampering around the house. The 6-year-old in me wants to stick my arm all up in there.