Playing Megadeth Song Saves Boy From Wolf Attack

A wolf in a snowy Denmark landscape.

Cecilie Sønsteby / Getty Images

Despite being an endangered species, wolves in Norway face serious threats from gun-totting farmers looking to protect their livestock by way of a bullet -- but it turns out that another kind of heavy metal may be just as effective at keeping the animals away. Recently, while walking home from school, 13-year-old Walter Acre had a run-in with a group of four wolves blocking his path. Instead of throwing stones or sticks to ward off the animals, the clever youngster took out his cell phone, turned the volume all the way up, and put on a song by veteran rockers Megadeth. The wolves, evidently, aren't fans.

According to the Russian music site,, Walter had been advised on how to act if he ever happened to become encircled by wolves. Instead of trying to run from the animals, which would have likely triggered their attack instinct, he chose to defend himself through non-violent (but arguably suggestive) means -- by playing heavy metal.

Sure, resorting to the soaring vocals, wailing guitar licks, and thrashing bass-lines that is Megadeth to scare off wolves may be pretty inventive for a young teenager like Walter, but it certainly did the trick. Upon hearing the music, the animals are said to have scattered.

Now in the clear, Walter headed home. Later on, one of the wolves reportedly seen later lurking near the Acre residence. Walter retrieved his phone and offered the animal another listen -- and it promptly fled.

While it may seem like merely a heartwarming tale of boy-and-metal vs. hungry-pack-of-wolves, there's a chance that Walter actually stumbled upon a non-lethal way for humans and wolves to coexist. For an endangered species so despised by Norwegian farmers, even Megadeth songs sound better than the shots of gunfire.

Then, of course, there's the possibility that these four wolves are just really devout Metallica fans.