From single-use plastics to product packaging, learn how and why to cut your daily plastic habit.
little girl buries compostable plastic cup in compost bin
Home Compostable Plastics Are Too Good to Be True
disposable plastic fork on the ground
England Is Banning Single-Use Plastic Cutlery and Plates
Aerial view of plastic water bottles
Scientists Used Lasers to Transform Plastic Into Tiny Diamonds
Close up side shot of microplastics on human finger.
The Unlikely Solution to Microplastic Pollution: Magnets?
High Angle View Of Garbage At Dumping Ground
'A Poison Like No Other' Makes You Think Twice About Plastic
kids dressed for recycling
Recycling Is Beyond Fixing, So Let's Get Over It
Maybe two of those bottles, the clear ones, will be recycled.
Greenpeace Report Confirms That Recycling Rate Is Getting Worse
high angle view of plastic pollution
Scientists Discover Surprising Remedy to Plastic Pollution: Caterpillar Spit
Storing food in plastic boxes in refrigerator
What Are Phthalates? Definition, Examples, and Environmental Concerns
Removing Water Is a Simple Solution to Plastic Packaging Waste
Close-Up Of Baking Soda And Vinegar On Table Against White Background
A Beginner's Guide to Plastic-Free Living: Part 2
barista hands over coffee in reusable stainless mug
New Guide Helps Restaurants Reduce Plastic
Heaps of plastic bottles piled up against the sky
Plastic Recycling in the US Is a Fantasy—'It Does Not Work'
Plastic plates and cups on a shelf
10 Ways to Reduce Exposure to BPA at Home
plastic fish sculpture
The Washed Ashore Project Turns Beach Plastic Into Gorgeous Sculptures
Collection of garbage in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Overview, Impacts, and Solutions
Biodegradable bag for Food waste, Composting at Home and Zero Waste
Biodegradable Plastic: What You Need to Know
Mimi at her laptop
Free the Ocean's Founder Hopes You'll Participate in Plastic-Free July
Plastic bottles are seen in a recycle factory
This Plastic-Eating Enzyme Could 'Supercharge' Recycling
waiter carries tray with food in reusable dishes
LA County Bans Single-Use Plastic for Restaurants, Food Trucks, Cafeterias
entry to Zion National Park
Get Single-Use Plastic Out of U.S. National Parks
Dandora rubbish dump, Nairobi
World Leaders Agree on Major Step Toward Treaty to End Plastic Pollution
Germany, Empty plastic bottles recycling
Scientists Use Stereochemistry to Create a Sustainable Plastic Alternative
What waste
Microbes Are Evolving to Eat Plastic Pollution, Study Shows
petrochemicals in scotland
The Carbon Footprint of Plastic Is Way Higher Than We Thought
Consumer Prices Continue To Rise, Accelerating At Fastest Pace In Over A Decade
IKEA Assembles a Future Without Plastic Packaging
shampoo bar, wooden hair brush, and pothos plant for green beauty care
8 Makeup Brands That Are Fighting Plastic Packaging
a small living christmas tree with ornaments next to firewood
What's the Environmentally Preferable Choice: A Real Christmas Tree or a Faux One?
A tv screen with content on it of someone throwing away a plastic bottle.
Research Aims to 'Flip the Script' on Single-Use Plastics in Hollywood
Vinyl: The Plastic Found in (Almost) Everything
Multi-color plastic bags crumpled up.
Can Plastic Bags Be Recycled?
Why We Should Ban Glitter, Just Like We Banned Microbeads
Caterpillar 'Plastivores' Can Eat and Digest Plastic Bags
What You Can Do to Reduce Microfiber Pollution
Why You Should Kick the Plastic Straw Habit
The Neuston Is a Floating Ocean Ecosystem, and Our Plastic Cleanup Push Could Threaten It
water bottles
Bottled Water Is 3,500 Times More Harmful Than Tap Water
Undercover Tape: How Exxon Is Lobbying to Make Plastics the Norm
Pink used chewing gum spit out on the pavement
Is Chewing Gum Biodegradable? A Look at Its Ingredients
Ruochen Wu, a chemical engineering postdoctoral researcher working on the project
Microbes Can Transform Plastic Trash Into Edible Protein
Herd of Cows looking down, directly at the Camera
Could Cows' Stomachs Hold the Key to Recycling Plastic?
beeswax food wraps
Reusable Kitchenwares Aren't Always Best, Surprising Study Reveals
Plastic trash scattered on the beach at Jimbaran beach on January 27, 2021 in Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia.
Satellites Can Spy on Microplastics, Researchers Show
zero waste grocery store
Zero Waste Experts Share Thoughts on Plastic Free July
zero waste food kit
Plastic Waste From Takeout Is a Big Problem—Here's What You Can Do About It
High Angle View Of Plastic Bags On Floor
Can Plastic Film Be Recycled?
Person placing empty water bottle in a full recycling box
How Many Times Can Plastic Be Recycled?
litter on ground in Chile
Chile Boldly Bans Single-Use Plastics
A worker sorts used plastic bottles at a plastics recycling mill
20 Companies Produce More Than 50% of the World's Single-Use Plastic Waste
close shot of hands popping bubbles on teal bubble wrap
Is Bubble Wrap Recyclable?
tattooed arm and hand fill up reusable canteen at water station
11 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste Today
a hand holds single frozen raspberry next to bowl of frozen berries
How to Freeze Food Without Plastic
Waitrose plastic toys
UK Supermarket Says No to Plastic Toys Attached to Magazines
Biodegradable plastic bag
Australia Is Smart to Ban Biodegradable Plastics
handful of dirty straws
Celebrate National Skip the Straw Day
Alcohol Makers Join the Fight Against Plastic Straws
Yes! Coffee Shop Chain Bans Disposable Coffee Cups
SodaStream Launches Device to Clean Plastics From Ocean
Date Revealed for Boylan Slat's First Ocean Cleanup Array Launch

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