Strawlet is a reusable straw bracelet

Nocean strawlet
© nOcean

I confess I kind of love this drinking straw you can wear.

When the email arrived in my inbox I thought, "What kind of Kickstarter gimmicky gizmo is it this time?" I get a lot of pitches sent to me every day. But then I watched the video and I have to admit, even skeptical ol' me can't find much not to like about this reusable straw bracelet.

Called the "nOcean Strawlet," the double-portmanteau brainstorm comes from a Canadian startup that describes the invention as a cross between a reusable straw and a Livestrong bracelet.

"By being a stylish bracelet, it sparks conversations about changing our ways," they note, "and half of all proceeds go towards charities that are riding the Ocean of garbage."

Nocean strawlet© nOcean

Even so, leery me had questions at first, and for each one there was an "Ohhh, I see."

How the heck do you clean it? "Each one comes with a cleaning spigot."
Why make more stuff for the landfill? "Made out of recycled materials - Our straws won't be creating any more waste on the planet but taking from it!"
Is it .. uhm ... ugly? Oh, I see one in rose gold! "... and there's also an optional bangle cover."
Will it fit my Amazonian wrist? "Fits all sizes - People have different shapes and sizes, and it's essential that our strawlets be able to be worn by everyone.
Is a reusable straw going to make a difference? "Although having a non-disposable straw helps to decrease plastic pollution, we know it isn't enough ... 50% of profits going to clean up the ocean."

So I don't know. I have weaned myself off of straws almost entirely, but I haven't weaned myself off of bracelets! And for people who require a straw, this might be a great option as straw bans become more prevalent. What do you think?

You can watch the pitch video below, and visit the project's Kickstarter page here.

Strawlet is a reusable straw bracelet
I confess I kind of love this drinking straw you can wear.

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