Plastic in the Ocean: A Graphic Overview

Screen capture. ReuseThisBag (used with permission)

Learn about the extent of ocean plastic pollution and what you can do to help.

If a picture says a thousand words, then imagine what pictures and words can do together! The following infographic is a good example of how effective visuals can be, especially when combined with explanations and statistics. It tackles the immense problem of plastic pollution -- an issue that many of us know about, but can seem very overwhelming and daunting.

I liked this infographic because it gives good background info, offers sufficient horror stories of plastic's effects on animals and ecosystems to spur one to action, and provides solid practical advice for changing personal habits. Read it, digest it, and pass it on to others who want to understand the situation better. (Also check out our beginner's guide to plastic-free living.)

plastic pollution infographic

© ReuseThisBag (used with permission)