This Woman's Bright Tiny Home Is a Plant-Filled Haven

This charming tiny house is filled with plants, plants, and more plants—plus one cat.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 interior

Alternative House

One of the biggest draws about the tiny house lifestyle is its flexibility, and the possibility of creating a home that is perfectly tailored to one's needs, desires, and hobbies—whether it might be making a space suitable for balancing life and work, accessibility issues, or accommodating activities like stargazing or mountain climbing.

For self-professed plant-lover and cat-owner Rebekah, her newly constructed tiny house is one step toward financial freedom, as well as a way to encapsulate all of her passions under one roof. Rebekah has only been living in her tiny home for a little less than a year in Florida, but she is clearly content with her decision to live tiny.

The interior of the house is packed with a lot of Rebekah's own touches and a variety of space-maximizing ideas, and we get to take a peek into her bright, plant-filled abode in this video tour from Alternative House:

Rebekah's tiny house was built by Missouri-based tiny house builder Mini Mansion Tiny Homes. She says she went ahead with this particular company because they were willing to work closely with her to help her realize her design ideas, from collaborating on the customized stairs to designing around particular pieces of space-saving furniture that she wanted to include in her home.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 interior
Alternative House

The exterior of the house is clad with gray metal siding, which is softened up by Rebekah's army of various plants—some of them sitting on shelving, others placed in planters or climbing up a metal trellis.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 exterior plants
Alternative House

A mini-shed has been installed at the rear of the tiny house, containing the tankless water heater and the propane tank, while at the front of the home there are more plants and a rainwater harvesting barrel.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 front of house exterior
Alternative House

Rebekah's layout has the living room at one end of the tiny house, which is configured around her compact but comfortable sectional sofa. This cozy lounge is surrounded by large windows and faces a large television on the wall. According to Rebekah, this sofa is a popular model among tiny housers as it not only has storage hidden underneath, but it also has a pull-out portion that allows it to transform into a double-sized guest bed.

There's a coffee table here that has a height-adjustable top, which transforms it into more of a desk-like set-up. Like the other areas of the house, the living room has plenty of greenery on the corner shelf or hanging from the ceiling.

Next to the living room, we have a table that can either function as a side table, or when fully extended, a dining table for eating a big meal or for entertaining guests.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 living room
Alternative House

Right beside the table, we also have a portable ladder hanging on the wall, which serves as access to the guest loft.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 guest loft
Alternative House

The stairs are customized to incorporate a space to hide the cat's litter box.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 litter box in stairs
Alternative House

In addition, the stairs are designed to hold this enormous closet....

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 closet
Alternative House well as this vertical slide-out pantry, microwave and an apartment-sized refrigerator.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 pantry
Alternative House

The kitchen has a lot of storage drawers, and a large double sink for doing the dishes.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 kitchen
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At the very end of the kitchen counter, there is another flip-up extension that offers more space for eating or preparing food.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 flip up table in kitchen
Alternative House

Above the kitchen is the massive sleeping loft, which is big enough to fit a queen-sized bed -- and of course, more plants.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 bedroom
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Underneath the master bedroom is the relatively large bathroom, which includes a full-sized vanity and sink, toilet, yet another closet, and a 4-foot-long bathtub.

tiny house Rebekah teenytiny7 bathroom
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For Rebekah, the prospect of owning her own home, as well as the flexibility that comes with tiny living are the biggest advantages to this lifestyle:

"What attracts me [about] living tiny is the financial freedom it provides. It's a more minimal lifestyle, which is something I really wanted to live. I wanted to be in a place where I could be more mindful and grounded. I love the flexibility it provides. In the future, I want to buy a piece of land, so the fact that I'm able to pack and go and to [move my] entire tiny house onto it -- I love that about it."

To see more, visit Rebekah's Instagram.