What Do You Get When You Mix a Pit Bull, a Shelter Drop Box and a Bunch of Ducklings?

Buck the pit bull spent the night with newborn ducks.
Buck the sweet pit bull
Buck the pit bull spent a night with newborn ducks, in one tiny box. Snapshot from video

Buck may not have seemed like the ideal roommate.

It wasn't so much that he was a pit bull — a loose designation for dogs with blocky heads and burly bodies. Or that pit bulls are often mischaracterized as not being very gentle.

It probably had more to do with the fact that Buck had been unceremoniously stuffed into the night drop box at an animal shelter in Wildomar, California.

And Buck wasn't alone in that tiny box. In fact, he was dumped there with four newborn ducklings.

"Who puts ducks with a dog in the night deposit?" Debbie Munson, a volunteer who met Buck after he arrived, tells MNN.

She describes the night drop box as a kind of "locker and you close the door and nobody else can open it until they get to work in the morning."

It's hard to imagine any dog, especially one as hard-done as Buck, being in a mood to share a box with quivering, quacking baby ducks.

But when morning arrived, and shelter staff peered into the box, they found nary a feather amiss; Buck and those ducklings had spent the night nestled in the same little box.

Close-up of pit bull at shelter
Buck emerged all smiles, despite spending the night in the shelter's drop box . Friends of AFV

"That amazed me," Munson says. "He didn't step on them or you know, it could have been even worse. He could have gotten irritated or grumpy or even hungry. Who knows?"

Buck wouldn't be the first big dog to fall in love with ducks. But not even famed duck-lovers Pikelet and Patty Cakes had to deal with sharing such close quarters with them.

Indeed, the 6-year-old dog's buoyant spirit and ever-whirling tail helped him win over more than ducks at the Animal Friends of the Valleys Shelter.

"He's super sweet," Munson says. "He had one thing on his mind — just getting love and attention. His body language is all wiggly and happy and good-natured."

Maybe that's how a middle-aged pit bull — the kind of dog that doesn't typically get adopted in a hurry — found his happy ending so soon.

Over the weekend, the shelter confirmed that Buck had been adopted. Buck may have only been passing through — charming humans, dogs and ducks alike — before finding his real family.

"He found a home quick," Munson adds. "Usually dogs take a much longer time finding a home. He probably would have taken even longer. Just because he looks a little older. And not many people will walk past an older dog and say, 'Hey that's a great looking dog.'"

But Buck boasts a different kind of beauty, a gentle charm that erupts when you spend time with him. Even, perhaps, an entire evening with him, in a box.

And as for those ducklings who found comfort in a stranger? They're resting easy at a San Diego's Project Wildlife, where they'll get the care they need before making a real start in the world.