Pigs Saved From Slaughter Romp and Frolic in the Countryside (Video)

©. Viva!

From meat farm to sanctuary, the glee of this mom and her piglets is palpable.

Who's to say whether or not a sow and her six roly-poly piglets knew they were destined for the slaughterhouse, but one thing's for sure: They seem absolutely thrilled to be gamboling around their new home at the Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary. And whether or not they knew of their near dark future or not, they are now guaranteed a bucolic life doing pig things together as a family.

The rescue came about upon the closing of the pig farm where they were being raised for meat, thanks to the efforts of writer Juliet Gellatley, an animal rights activist and founder of Viva!, in partnership with Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary.

"We are so delighted that we can offer them a life together in the beautiful Welsh countryside!," notes the Viva! website. And we're sure the pigs are even more delighted.

Faith in humanity restored, one cavorting piglet at a time.