Piglet Escapes by Leaping From Slaughterhouse Truck, Finds Rescue at Animal Sanctuary

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pink pig peers through white fence

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Long before this little piglet was even born, his fate seemed sealed. Like hundreds of millions of pigs around the world, his life was predetermined to be a mere commodity as an animal for human consumption. But for this piglet, that all changed as he leapt from a moving truck on the way to the slaughterhouse.

Last week, motorists a highway near Quebec watched as the month-old pig squeezed through a hole in a trailer being pulled down the roadway — a treacherous tumble, to be sure, but one that would ultimately save his life.

litter of piglets nurse mama pig
Treehugger / Anastasia Tretiak

According to CBC News, police later found the tiny animal, scuffed up a bit but still alive, and transferred him to local animal control officers. Thanks to a "network of animal lovers" in the area, news of the pink escapee caught the attention of Brenda Bronfman, who runs Wishing Well Animal Sanctuary in Toronto, and she offered to adopt him.

Soon enough, the once ill-fated piglet was it Brenda's caring hands, offered a loving distinction afforded to only a few of his kind -- a name. Yoda, as he's now known, would now spend his days at the sanctuary, free to experience life, not as an object for profit, but as a cherished, living being.

"He's just going to live the rest of his, god willing, long life. And will be happy with the other pigs and all the attention," says Brenda. "There is always somebody on the farm, and he will just be loved for the rest of his natural life."