Pickles the Giant Cat Finds His Match: New Owners Have Big Hearts, Strong Arms

Photo: Barcroft TV/YouTube.

A 3-foot, 21-pound rescue cat nicknamed "Catasaurus Rex" now has a forever home after being found on the side of the road and rehomed twice.

When the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals advertised the massive feline last month, more than 50 people submitted adoption applications.

Pickles the cat

The rescue decided that Andrew Milicia and his girlfriend, Emily Zarvos, would be a good fit for the feline, whose real name is Pickles.

"When we first saw Pickles, he looked like such a beast, but he looked really cool. He's actually bigger than some dogs," Milicia told the Daily Mail. "It didn’t take him long to make himself at home and now he takes up most of the couch when he's laid out."

Pickles is thought to be part Maine coon, the largest breed of domestic cat. A Maine coon named Stewie currently holds the world record for longest cat.

"He doesn’t realize his size, so he'll knock things over all the time. He's so clumsy," Milicia said. "But it's like so hard to be mad at him. He thinks he's just like a little kitten still."

But at more than 20 pounds, Pickles isn’t always easy to handle.

"I struggle to pick him up sometimes because he weighs so much," Zarvos said.

Despite the difficulties in having such a large cat, Milicia and Zarvos say they can't imagine life without Pickles.

The large gray tabby loves to cuddle on the couch, get his nails trimmed and sleep with his new owners in their bed.

Although he has feline immunodeficiency virus, the shelter says as long as he stays indoors, he should stay healthy and live a long life.

"I'm so happy we have him,” Zarvos said. "He's the best pet you could hope for."

Watch the video below to get a better idea of just how large Pickles really is.