Picking Up Litter Is the New Sexy

©. Aaron Volpe/Shutterstock

A new data study on dating finds that the key to courtship could be as simple as picking up some trash.

Creatures large and small, furry and feathered, antennaed and tentacled and everything in between have developed all kinds of fancy mating rituals to win the hearts (and parts) of their intendeds. And we human animals are no different. But where peacocks display unwieldy walls of feathers and she-mantises devour the heads of prospective mates, humans have their whole own set of confusing courtship maneuvers.

But could it be that strongman poses, flashy cars, and fluttering eyelashes are giving way to a new brand of flirtation? According to research by online dating platform, Zoosk, they answer appears to be "yes." After interviewing 5,100 singles and analyzing 123,257 dating profiles, they've determined that our love for the environment affects our love life ... and that is leading to new ideas about what's hot and what's not.

Consider these key findings:

• 78 percent of singles want to date someone who cares about the environment.
• 58 percent of singles say that caring about the environment is an attractive quality.
• 65 percent of women find people who care about the environment attractive.

And in several of the lists included in the report, littering comes out on top.

• 81 percent of singles are annoyed by littering.
• 74 percent say that littering is an actual dealbreaker!

And of all the eco-friendly habits that both men and women find attractive?
Picking up litter topped the list for both; more so than recycling (second place for women and third place for men), being energy efficient at home (second place for men), and shopping at the local farmers market (third place for women).

So there you have it. The new "irresistable" could be as simple as ditching the flirtatious frippery and just being a good human who cares about the planet. If so, sexy never looked so good.