25 Photos of Pets in Sweaters to Make You All Warm and Fuzzy

This kitten looks like it feels right at home in its bright red sweater. (Photo: Lars Christensen/Shutterstock).

You try your hardest to get your pet to sit still long enough to trick them into the specially-knit outfits — evading cat claws, dodging wagging tails, chasing the pitter-patter of paws around the house — until finally, success. What do you get in return?

That one and only euphoric feeling of finally seeing your pet snuggled up in a sweater, of course! So here's to all of you patient and determined pet owners: the color-coordinators, the hand-knitters, the concerned pet-parents and the fashionistas. Here is our tribute to you and the adorable dogs and cats strutting their best winter stuff:

Penny the pug in a red sweater
(Photo: Kristin Shoemaker/flickr)

How precious are those buttons? Meet Professor Penelope Glottis, Penny for short. A hand-knit sweater made by the photographer's mom was supposed to make Penny the Pug look like Jackie O. However, as Flickr user Kristin Shoemaker describes: "From this angle, in this setting, Penny looks less like Jackie O ... and more like a crazy old English teacher." While we're inclined to agree, we think the "crazy old English teacher" look really works for Penny.

Scottish fold adventuring in the snow
(Photo: daLy/Shutterstock)

Some cats get their sweater on and that's the last you see of them! Free as a bird, they venture into the outdoors and, like the Scottish fold above, get themselves in a spot of trouble. Not so easy to claw your way up an icy tree, is it, cat? Though we must admit, the pink really brings out the rosy colors in her terrified eyes.

Crested chihuahua in jeans and a sweater
(Photo: annrkiszt/flickr)

Kudos. Not just a sweater for this fine-haired crested Chihuahua, but a pair of jeans as well! This dog is easily more stylish than most middle schoolers. Unlike most dogs that have a thick coat of fur, crested Chihuahuas have only thin, transparent layer of a soft, fine hair. For them, canine clothes are fashionable and functional.

Cat in rainbow sweater
(Photo: Andrzej Tarnawczyk/Shutterstock)

Have you ever seen a cat look more comfortable in a sweater? I mean come on. This cat, snuggled up from his head to his toes, has obviously given up for the day.

Terrier in christmas sweater
(Photo: Kevin Stanchfield/flickr)

Awww! This tiny pup is the cutest of Santa's little helpers. Flickr user Kevin Stanchfield has fittingly titled this picture "Miette's first (anthropomorphic) Christmas."

Spynhx cats in turtleneck sweaters
(Photo: Shannon Badiee/flickr)

San Francisco natives Math Cat and Carbon Cat fit the bill in their hip turtleneck sweaters. The furless Sphynx cats can use all the warmth they can get — it looks as though they are even sitting on top of a heating pad!

Great dane in red sweater
(Photo: Jonathan Willier/flickr)

What a gorgeous dog! This blue Great Dane named Villa is a stunner in her red cable-knit sweater. "We got Villa this new sweater for Christmas," Flickr user Jonathan Willier writes. "I tried it on [her] the other day and she automatically posed like she's in a J Crew ad."

Benny the cat in a baby's sweater
(Photo: Beck Gusler/flickr)

This sweater may have been knit for a baby, but Benny the cat is sure rocking it.

Boston terrier running around in sweater
(Photo: Kyra Savolainen/flickr)

This dog straight up belongs in an REI ad. A warm sweater is perfect for chilly days spent jumping around the snowy Bluffer's Beach and Park in Toronto.

Pair of chihuahuas in sweaters
(Photo: Tim Massey/flickr)

What's better than a Chihuahua in a sweater? Two Chihuahuas in sweaters!

Basenji dog in Christmas sweater
(Photo: lindyy/flickr)

Wally the Basenji rescue looks dapper in his festive threads.

Pomeranian in blue sweater
(Photo: dainec/flickr)

You'd think that putting a Pomeranian in a sweater might tone down the fluffy fur, but not necessarily. Lily's blue sweater perfectly accentuates her glorious mane.

Cat in sweater and glasses
(Photo: ourdogholly/flickr)

Duke must be the most patient cat on Earth, because his owners managed not only to get him into a thick sweater but also a pair of glasses.

Dachshund in blue argyle sweater
(Photo: Howard Young/flickr)

We wouldn't have a complete roundup if we didn't include a dachshund in argyle. It just wouldn't be right. So here's Odie the weenie in a sweater that, er, may or may not have been intended for a cat.

Belle the senior dog in a multicolored, hooded sweater
(Photo: Pete Markham/flickr)

As a tribute to his recently passed dog, Flickr user Pete Markham posted this picture with the following heartwarming ode:

"When Belle got to be in 14, we decided she needed to wear a sweater when we walked her on cold winter evenings. She always disliked the sweaters, but I always thought this one was cute on her.

"Belle was our Labrador/Sheltie mix. My wife adopted her from the Animal Humane Society in 1993 when she was just nine weeks old. She lived 16 years and seven months -- an amazingly long time for a dog her size. She died today, October 24, 2009, surrounded by her family and our other animals."

Ella in her pink sweater
(Photo: Jay Knight/flickr)

Ella looks like a princess in her pink fuzzy sweater, don't you think?

Italian greyhound wearing skull sweater
(Photo: Celeste Lindell/flickr)

When it comes to fashion, Toby the Italian greyhound prefers to go the alternative route. Here he sports a skull and crossbones sweater, made all the more intimidating by his sleepy tongue flop.

Puppy in carrier
(Photo: hj_west/flickr)

This impossibly cute Yorkshire terrier looks so cozy in his carrier!

Trio of dachshunds in sweaters
(Photo: Tony Alter/flickr)

One of these dogs is not like the other ... In snowy weather, all of Flickr user Tony Alter's dogs get sweaters. And Link, Jimmy Dean and Frank look all the better for it.

Pug in leopard print sweater
(Photo: DaPuglet/flickr)

There's no way to be sure, but we're pretty sure Bailey Puggins the pug is totally loving her leopard-striped ensemble.

Dog in rainbow sweater
(Photo: Newtown graffiti/flickr)

Sweaters let dogs bring the comfort of home with them on city outings!

Dog in Santa outfit
(Photo: michiyo_knit/flickr)

You've been waiting for this moment, I can tell. And we live to serve. So we present to you: a dog in a Santa outfit. You're welcome.

Snowflake the cat in her ugly Christmas sweater
(Photo: Anna Norris)

Last but not least, my cat Snowflake! A big shout-out to Snowfie for being such a good sport and dutifully donning her "Ugly X-Mas Sweater" for an unprecedented 15 minutes.