28 Photos of Dogs Wearing Glasses

Check out this adorable "corgeek" wearing hipster glasses.

Corgeek wearing thick-rimmed glasses

Here's a photo of a dog wearing *even cooler* hipster glasses, hipster attitude and all.

Hipster dog

This dog is wearing glasses and a fez because he thinks he's Mustafa from Austin Powers.

Mustafa dog

This dog wearing glasses has some serious identity issues.

Dog in a skunk costume

I think this dog may have partied a bit too hard last night.

Passed out party dog

Here's a photo of literally the most adorable dog with slanted glasses ever.

Dog with slanted glasses

This dog totally thinks she's a human in these glasses.

Dog looking like a human wearing glasses

This one is a little embarrassed to be wearing glasses.

Dog rolling his eyes with glasses

Whoaaa, this psychedellic dog is wearing 3-D glasses! But wait just a second, dog! You can't even see red.

Dog wearing 3-D glasses

This dog is still wearing glasses after obviously falling asleep while doing his homework. It happens to the best of us.

Dog sleeping with glasses on

Here's a photo of a very classy granny dog wearing reading glasses.

Dog wearing shower cap, hair curlers and bathrobe

This dog wearing glasses is *so over it.*

Dog with an attitude

Here's a photo of two very patriotic weenies wearing star-shaped glasses.

Patriotic miniature dachshunds

HA! You thought that was awesome? Here are FOUR sweater-clad weenies wearing glasses.

Miniature dachshunds wearing sweaters and sunglasses

Here's a photo of a mysterious dog wearing glasses. What's he looking at? What's he thinking? You just don't know.

Mysterious dog

This sunglasses-clad dog celebrates Cinco de Mayo like a boss.

Dog wearing a sombrero

This dog wearing glasses who has a fabulous sense of style.

Dog wearing a leather hat and sunglasses

This incognito dog is wearing glasses as a disguise, so shhh.

Dog wearing glasses and bandana

Aww, check out this love-struck pup wearing his heart on his glasses.

Dog wearing heart-shaped glasses

Thanks to these glasses, this dog is the complete essence of 1970s America.

Patriotic hippy dog

Here's the same dog wearing glasses and a headband with elephants on it because why not? This is America!

Dog wearing elephant headband

This dog is probably wearing glasses because of a bad hair day. It's okay, dog, we all have those days.

Dog with crazy hair

Here's a photo of a dog wearing glasses who is also DRESSED UP LIKE A BUNNY OMG.

Dog wtih bunny ears

This dog wearing glasses is chilling on the beach with some tan intensifier. (He used to be a white dog, you know.)

Dog laying out on the beach

This dog's glasses and tie make it pretty obvious his favorite holiday is St. Patrick's Day. I bet he's what you find at the end of the rainbow!

Dog with shamrock glasses

This dog is wearing glasses and driving his own car because he's kind of a big deal.

Dog driving little car

This sunglasses-wearing dog is cruising down the — WAIT, DOG! Hands on the wheel! Ya maniac.

Dog cruising in his car

And finally, here's a photo of Batdog wearing glasses because that is literally the only thing cooler than a Batdog without glasses. (You're welcome!)

Dog wearing bat wing costume

Obviously, we can't get enough of these dogs wearing glasses. Is your pet as cool as these? Share your photos with us below!