12 Photos of Cuddling Animals to Make Valentine's Day a Little More Snuggly

otters hugging
baby ferrets cuddling
Week-old black-footed ferret kits snuggle at the National Black-Footed Ferret Conservation Center in Wyoming. U.S. Fish and Wildlife/flickr


Animals cuddle for many of the same reasons we do — for warmth, comfort, safety and companionship — and sometimes snuggling close and huddling together is a matter of survival.

However, other times their cuddling simply seems like an adorable photo op. We've rounded up such pictures in honor of Valentine's Day, so read on to get your fill of koala cuddles, hippo hugs and puppy piles.

otters hugging
cats cuddling
hippos cuddling
monkeys cuddling
koalas cuddling
capybaras cuddling
macaws cuddling
fennec foxes cuddling
meerkats cuddling
puppies snuggling
raccoons cuddling