41 Photos of Cats Yawning

yawning cat laying on an end table
This post is making me tired.

 Rob Lee / Flickr

It's Monday, and you can probably think of a lot of other places where you'd rather be instead of at work. The day is long and lunchtime is too short. Thank goodness for coffee and Internet breaks.

Put aside the woes and weight of the world for a few minutes and smile your way through this collection of photos of cats yawning. We collected our favorite shots to share with you.


Cat 1:

tabby cat with white paws yawns
 Andrea Schaffer/Flickr

Cat 2:

Fluffy orange kitty yawns
 Antonio Picascia/Flickr

Cat 3:

There's something magical about the yawn — it can turn anyone, any creature, into the derpiest, most awkward being around.

kitty looks up and yawns
 Mike Lemmon/Flickr

Cat 4:

orange and white kitty has a big mouth yawn
 Hey Paul/Flickr

Cat 5:


Cat 6:

black cat yawn

Cat 7:

Thankfully for all of us, there were camera lenses around to catch these sleepy cats fighting their way through their yawns.

cat yawns

Cat 8:

cat lays on floor
Jason Gessner/Flickr

Cat 9:

long hair cat

Cat 10:

cat yawns with paw near mouth

Cat 11:

cat on shingled roof

Cat 12:


Cat 13:

smoky cat yawns

Cat 14:

black and white cat
 shira gal/Flickr

Cat 15:

Nap completed, perhaps a bite to eat, then another nap, followed by some exacting licking.

cat yawns on top of bookcase
 Laura Bittner/Flickr

Cat 16:

cat wakes from nap

Cat 17:

cat lays on cushion

Cat 18:

cat yawns in afternoon sunlight
 J. Triepke/Flickr

Cat 19:

cat on sofa
Frederic Guillory/Flickr 

Cat 20:

cat lays on floor
Janet 59/Flickr 

Cat 21:

yellow cat yawns
 Jason Saul/Flickr

Cat 22:

Some cities have begun to put feral cats to work in communities.

cat outdoor on bench
 Stephen Jones/Flickr

Cat 23:

white cat wakes from nap
 Paulo Ordoveza/Flickr

Cat 24:

black and white cat

Cat 25:

tabby on bed yawns
 Phil Denton/Flickr

Cat 26:

yet another cat yawning
Evan Blaser/Flickr 

Cat 27:

cat yawn by pillow
 Jon Fife/Flickr

Cat 28:

Large cats often have many of the same characteristics of our beloved house cats.

cheetahs in shade
Martin Fisch/Flickr 

Cat 29:

cat yawns on door stoop

Cat 30:

cat on stone wall

Cat 31:

Sometimes the population of feral cats can directly impact the local wildlife.

something different a cat on driveway yawns

Cat 32:

cat by stone wall

Cat 33:

cat looks more mad than yawning

Cat 34:

yellow cat by pvc pipe yawns

Cat 35:

cat on stoop yawns you can't get this type of content just anywhere

Cat 36:

this cat is on a car hood yawning

Cat 37:

same cat laying on a deck

Cat 38:

Some evidence exists that suggests ancient sailors kept cats aboard ships to help deter rodents.

same tabby from another angle

Cat 39:

yellow and white cat doing a yawn

Cat 40:

cat balances on fence while it yawns

Cat 41:

the grand finale cat on steps yawns

That's all for meow. I hope this post was the purr-fect break.