42 Photos of Cats Yawning

This post is making me tired. (Photo: Rob Lee/Flickr).

It's Monday, and you can probably think of a lot of other places where you'd rather be instead of at work. The day is long and lunch time is too short. Thank science for coffee and Internet breaks. Put aside the woes and weight of the world for a few minutes and smile your way through this collection of 42 photos of cats yawning. There's something magical about the yawn — it can turn anyone, any creature, into the derpiest, most awkward being around. Thankfully for all of us, there were camera lenses around to catch these sleepy cats fighting their way through their yawns, and we collected our favorite shots to share with you.


tabby cat with white paws yawns

Cat 1: Andrea Schaffer/Flickr

Fluffy orange kitty yawns

Cat 2: Antonio Picascia/Flickr

kitty looks up and yawns

Cat 3: Mike Lemmon/Flickr

orange and white kitty has a big mouth yawn

Cat 4: Hey Paul/Flickr

Cat 5: Alexander/Flickr

black cat yawn

Cat 6: findingtheobvious/Flickr

Cat 7: Diehl/Flickr

Cat 8: Jason Gessner/Flickr

Cat 9: AKX_/Flickr

Cat 10: Barockschloss/Flickr

Cat 11: d.taverner/Flickr

Cat 12: gertys/Flickr

Cat 13: SeasonalOrange/Flickr

Cat 14: shira gal/Flickr

Cat 15: Laura Bittner/Flickr

Cat 16: cloudzilla/Flickr

Cat 17: Zhao!/Flickr

Cat 18: J. Triepke/Flickr

Cat 19: Frederic Guillory/Flickr

Cat 20: Janet 59/Flickr

Cat 21: Jason Saul/Flickr

Cat 22: Stephen Jones/Flickr

Cat 23: Paulo Ordoveza/Flickr

Cat 24: Laura/Flickr

Cat 25: Phil Denton/Flickr

Cat 26: Evan Blaser/Flickr

Cat 27: Jon Fife/Flickr

Cat 28: Martin Fisch/Flickr

Cat 29: Hisashi/Flickr

Cat 30: Hishasi/Flickr

Cat 31: Hisashi/Flickr

Cat 32: Hisashi/Flickr

Cat 33: Hisashi/Flickr

Cat 34: Hisashi/Flickr

Cat 35: Hisashi/Flickr

Cat 36: Hisashi/Flickr

Cat 37: Hisashi/Flickr

Cat 38: Hisashi/Flickr

Cat 39: Hisashi/Flickr

Cat 40: Hisashi/Flickr

Cat 41: Hisashi/Flickr

That's all for meow. I hope this post left you feline fine.