Photographer’s Tribute to His Dog Is Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Screen capture. "Denali" film by Ben Moon

When several excellent photographers and videographers recommend a short film, you know you’re in for a treat. I was expecting to watch something lovely, but I wasn’t prepared for this short from Ben Moon, titled “Denali,” to be so heartbreaking.

The story combines the beauty of nature, wanderlust, and the deep love that can exist between human and dog.

Produced by Moon and directed by Ben Knight, the film premiered at the 5Point Film Festival in Colorado, where it took home the prizes for both People’s Choice and Best of Festival.

The Daily Beast reports that Moon adopted Denali from an animal shelter in 1999. The two become inseparable companions as they roamed around the Pacific Northwest. Moon built his career documenting mountain climbers and surfers, while also doing commercial shoots for brands like Nau, Patagonia, Keen and Timberland—just to name a few.

As a visual artist, it’s no surprise that Moon documented the life of dog companion in a beautiful way. When Denali passed away at the age of 14, he used those videos and photographs to create a truly touching memorial to his friend. The film is also a reminder to us all of the true importance of friendship.