Photographer Gets 3-In-1 Shot of Osprey Capturing a Shark Eating a Fish

An osprey flies off with a small shark that just got its teeth into a fish. Doc Jon/Facebook

A Florida photographer got a little more than he bargained for when he snapped a photo of an osprey.

The lucky shutterbug, who goes by the name of Doc Jon, was walking on Madeira Beach, west of St. Petersburg, when he snapped a photo of an osprey flying about 400 feet off the ground. While Doc Jon saw the shark, he was surprised by what he saw after he got home and looked at the photos.

"I go home, and I open it up and see [the photo] and I saw the tail first on the fish and realize it was a shark tail," he told "And then I zoom in and I'm like, 'Holy crap, that's a shark.' And then I see the fish in the mouth ... I just couldn’t believe I had gotten that picture."

That's right. It was an osprey carrying a shark that had just snagged a fish.

Three for one

A zoom of an osprey with a shark in its talon and a fish in the shark's mouth
Everyone got a snack .... well, except for the fish. Doc Jon/Facebook

Doc Jon shared the images on Facebook but didn't get quite the response he was hoping for, initially.

"My first thought is I wish it was cleaner," he said to "It's not a very good photograph, but that far away and no tripod — it's a pretty long-distance shot."

Even if Doc Jon's not happy with the quality of the shot, he does acknowledge that the contents of the photographs are pretty darn cool.

An osprey flies off with a shark in its talons
The osprey flies off with its combo meal. Doc Jon/Facebook

Ospreys love seafood, hence their alternate name: sea hawks. Fish makes up 99 percent of the diet of the osprey, which has evolved closable nostrils for when it dives in after its prey. Given its diet, the osprey can be found just about anywhere there's a large enough body of water to support it.