Photo: Western Toad Sits for a Portrait

A western toad resting on a person's hands

GlacierNPS / Flickr

Our photo of the day comes from Glacier National Park. We usually reserve this space for readers' photos, but we could not resist this western toad, featured on the GlacierNPS flickr page. It's such a glorious shot, with those graceful hands and that noble little toad bathed in perfect forest light. Just so beautiful. The photo was taken Montana's Rocky Mountains, and don't worry, no toads were harmed in the making of this image – the photo was taken as a researcher was measuring the affable amphibian. Would you like to see your nature photo featured as the TreeHugger photo of the day? Join TreeHugger’s Reader Photo Pool on Flickr and add your pictures to the group. Alternatively, send it to with "photo of the day" in the subject line.