Photo: Watch the World's Cutest Beetle Walk Around on a Leaf

Close up of a beetle against a green background

Andreas Kay / Flickr

Our photo of the day comes with a bonus video of a tiny shiny creature. We feature images by photographer Andreas Kay on a pretty regular basis. His work documenting the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest is nothing short of stellar. But now we also have some video, which adds a whole new dimension. As you will notice in the video below, not only is it incredible to see how these creatures move about, but to hear the sounds of the jungle is just amazing. As to the star of this particular show, Kay writes:

This cute and colorful little beetle was filmed in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. It is about 6 mm in length and belongs to the genus Chlamisus or Fulcidax in the leaf beetle family Chrysomelidae, Cryptocephalinae. These warty beetles are supposed to mimic caterpillar droppings, which gives them an advantage in the struggle for survival by protecting them from being eaten by birds, but which caterpillar leaves shiny fuchsia and purple droppings?

See the cutie in action:

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