Photo: Swans Create a Wonky Heart

Two swans facing each other on a lake

David Genney / Flickr

Our photo of the day is 'nearly but not quite.' There two swans a-swimming were photographed by David Genney who says of the photo, "nearly but not quite." He explains: "You see all those amazing pictures of swans creating the heart shape with their necks that I had never seen before in real life. I didn't even realise these two were together until they were finishing the move resulting in the capture of the slightly distorted heart shape. By the time I raised my camera to take the shot they were already moving apart, hence my title. Maybe some other time." But who says a heart needs to be perfect? Let's hear it for a wonky heart! Would you like to see your nature photo featured as the TreeHugger photo of the day? Join TreeHugger’s Reader Photo Pool on Flickr and add your pictures to the group. Alternatively, send it to with "photo of the day" in the subject line.