Photo Project Shows Men and Women Aging From 1-100

Image courtesy Edouard Janssens. .

Even though we all go through it (each in our own way of course), we all age. But just like falling in love or having a child, these universal human experiences seem to also be totally unique to us when we are experiencing them. And even though women might feel the pressure more explicitly, most everyone has fears about getting older.

Belgian photographer Edouard Janssens tackled this subject in a simple, sublime way, by simply photographing 100 different men and a 100 different women at each year of life, called "1 to 100 Years". He included his own portrait at age 50 among the men.

So who are all these people? According to the project's site, "Finished in May 2012, the project 1 to 100 Years consisted of photographing 100 women and 100 men, aged from 1 to 100, all of different ages, to show the ageing process in a positive manner and to visualize the continuous link between generations. The smile and their looks that have so much to tell us are the key points of this big gallery. Participants were not chosen, they just registered on the project’s website. No selection criteria was used."

I found this basic approach to such a complex topic both fascinating and reassuring. How about you?

Video of the 100 men.