Photo: Northern Flying Squirrel Peers Out the Peephole

A flying squirrels burrowed in a tree

Tony LePrieur / Flickr

Our photo of the day comes from Alberta, Canada. Flying squirrels are obviously famous for their flying, even if it's not exactly "flying" per se, but more of a controlled gliding. With skin flaps that stretch between their wrists and ankles, and a flattened tail that allows for steering, these nocturnal creatures soar from tree to tree. But you know what else they do really well? Look adorable when peeking out from their arboreal abodes, just like this one photographed by Tony LePrieur. Would you like to see your nature photo featured as the TreeHugger photo of the day? Join TreeHugger’s Reader Photo Pool on Flickr and add your pictures to the group. Alternatively, send it to with "photo of the day" in the subject line.