Photo: Ground Squirrel Devours Flowers

Close up of a ground squirrel eating

loren chipman / Flickr

Our photo of the day comes from Montaña de Oro, California. Ah, to be a ground squirrel, scampering about and taking pause to peruse the posies – just as this one is adorably doing in a photo by loren chipman. Loren writes: "A ground squirrel really getting after it! Unfazed by passersby, this guy was laser focused on whatever delicacy he had found. (Seemed to be the little orange colored bud things.) I watched him for close to 10 minutes and nary a hair was turned on his part." Would you like to see your nature photo featured as the TreeHugger photo of the day? Join TreeHugger’s Reader Photo Pool on Flickr and add your pictures to the group. Alternatively, send it to with "photo of the day" in the subject line.