Photo: Tanuki in the Sun Looks Straight Out of a Fairytale

A raccoon dog laying on a mossy floor

Patrick Joel Negwer / Flickr

It's not too often that we see tanuki – raccoon dogs – in our reader's photos group, nor do we see an abundance of wildlife photos shot on real live film! But this gorgeous image by Patrick Joel Negwer accomplishes both. Neither raccoon nor dog, per se, the raccoon dog (known as tanuki in Japan) is a member of the canid family, along with dogs, wolves and foxes. Unique among canids, the raccoon dog (along with the gray fox) is known to climb trees. And also, apparently, for napping in the sun. Negwer writes of this photo, taken on the island of Miyajima, a Unesco World Heritage Site:

Tanuki is a Racoon dog. We found one in Miyajima chilling in a garden, he was with a white one also but he was more scared of our presence. No edition done to any of my photos unless it says so, not even cropped, from negative to flickr!

Taken with a Pentax Asahi SP500 and Helios 58 mm lens, the feel of the film is fabulous; and the Helios' famed shallow depth of field and its old school magic adds even more to a fairytale photo of this beautiful creature. Would you like to see your nature photo featured as the TreeHugger photo of the day? Join TreeHugger’s Reader Photo Pool on flickr and add your pictures to the group.