When the Neighborhood Cat Gets Stuck Atop a Utility Pole …

Once Gypsy was up the pole, she was hesitant to come back down on her own. ABC15 Arizona/YouTube

The news these days isn't exactly slow, but any break from the regular routine — especially one with a happy ending — is a welcome one. Case in point: the story of Gypsy the cat.

Gypsy is a Phoenix-area cat that found herself stuck atop a utility pole. This near cat-astrophe captured the attention of neighborhood residents and people from around the world as Gypsy's plight was chronicled on various local news live streams.

Sitting pretty ... dangerously

Gypsy is a "community" cat in a Phoenix neighborhood. She comes and goes as she pleases, with various human neighbors supplying her with food. It's not unusual for them not to see Gypsy for a week or two, so when Gypsy wasn't around last weekend, no one batted an eye.

Except for the couple of neighbors who reported seeing the cat on an electricity pole since Friday. (Some reports have Gypsy up on the pole for just around 24 hours; either way, the kitty was stuck.) No one knows why Gypsy decided to scale the pole, but regardless of the reason, she was too scared to make it back down on her own.

Eventually, the local ABC affiliate KNXV-TV got wind of Gypsy's predicament and rushed to the scene and set up a live stream, sometime around 10 a.m. local time.

For the next hour or so, people pretty much went into overdrive mode regarding Gypsy's fate. The 911 dispatchers were inundated with phone calls regarding Gypsy. People across the country were calling in thanks to the live stream being passed around. It so bad that the fire department kindly asked KNXV-TV to let viewers know to stop calling because the call volume was preventing dispatchers from handling other, more human-centered, emergencies.

With the fire department not coming to Gypsy's aid, onlookers, both in Phoenix and on the internet, wondered how Gypsy would be saved.

And then the KNXV-TV feed went dark.

When the feed came back, Gypsy was no longer on the pole!

What had happened in the moments when the feed went dark? Had Gypsy fallen? No, it turned out that Gypsy was saved by an unidentified man with a very tall ladder.

Of course, since the feed went dark and then Gypsy was somehow on the ground, cat-truthers immediately came out of hiding.

But Gypsy, the real deal Gypsy, was indeed safe and sound. Different camera crews caught the man setting up the ladder and climbing it to save Gypsy.

So everything turned out all right for Gypsy and her human neighbors. Hopefully Gypsy will think twice before heading up an electricity pole again. Unless she wants more internet fame.