Pharrell's 'Freedom' Video Will Make You Think

Pharrell Williams' new 'Freedom!' video offers a powerful commentary on social issues.

Singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams is following up his international hit "Happy" with a soul-stirring, toe-tapping, thought-provoking piece of musical activism called "Freedom!"

Historically speaking, songs with social and political vibes don't compete well with those about love, loss or other universal themes. However, with Pharrell's talent for entertaining as well as informing, "Freedom!" is one of those exceptions that will inspire a repeat listen. The video expands on the lyrics, with nods to the environment, science, slavery, political, gender and sexual freedoms.

Pharrell, who debuted the new track live at the Glastonbury Festival last month, said the reaction from the crowd was one he won't soon forget.

"Listen, we all afterwards were kind of teary eyed because the energy of the crowd was so big, and it was so strong," Pharrell told the BBC's DJ Annie Mac. "It was like the wind — you see the effects of it, but you couldn't see it. You just felt it, because it just blew through you and blew past you."