Sky the avalanche dog is having a beautiful retirement (video)

Video screen capture Unconditional Stories/Vimeo

After spending most of her life in search and rescue, this grand 13-year-old Australian Shepherd is enjoying her golden years with her companion human.

Is there any living thing more selfless than a dog? They are tail-wagging, walking incarnations of unconditional love; eager to please and ready to serve. Qualities that make them so amazing at their professions.

One such dog is a 13-year-old Australian Shepherd named Sky. Hailing from Hatcher Pass, Alaska, Sky was adopted by Paul when she was just eight weeks old. Now, after spending her life thus far doing avalanche search and rescue, she is losing her hearing and is retired. But what a glorious retirement it looks to be.

“Our job now is to keep her happy and healthy for the rest of her life,” says Paul in the short film below. “She’s contributed her whole life, so we’re going to help her have a good time for the rest of hers.”

The film was produced by Kacey Klonsky and is part of the "Unconditional Stories" web series, of which each episode captures the “connection, unconditional love, and bond that a canine companion brings.”

See Sky in action below. As Paul puts it, "Sky shines with style and grace." What a good girl.

For more, visit Project Unconditional – to see more films, head to their Vimeo channel.

Via National Geographic

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