Brooklyn politician moves to protect dogs from neglect and euthanasia

Dog in snow
CC BY 2.0 Katie Salerno

State Senator Martin Golden writes legislation to tackle the "people out there doing bad things to dogs."

During New York City’s record-breaking January blizzard, at least one dog was left outside to fend for itself in the face of some seriously brutal conditions. Although there were reports of many such neglected animals, one in particular, a pooch in Crown Heights, became the poster pet for poor animal treatment when a video of the miserable dog went viral on the Internet.

Now, if State Senator Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) gets his way, dogs will not be allowed to be tied up outside between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. and during periods of severe weather; and dog houses would be required to be adequately insulated.

"There are people out there doing bad things to dogs and we have to take those dogs from those people and put them into shelters and get them adopted," Golden tells the Daily News.

The set of bills also include legislation making it harder for kill shelters to euthanize dogs. Shelters would be required to make "reasonable efforts" to locate the dog's owner or find a new home for the animal, including posting pictures of it on the Internet, notes the newspaper. As well, the minimum time a shelter must keep a healthy dog before euthanizing it would be extended from five to 90 days.

"We didn't recognize how frequently this was going on," says Golden. "So we are trying to deal with the problem and trying to find the appropriate shelters and get the proper adoptions and do less kills on these animals."

According to his site, Senator Golden has established himself as one of the most influential lawmakers in the City and State of New York and has authored over 222 laws – here’s to continued success, at least as far as the pups are concerned.

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