12 houseplants to avoid if you have pets

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© Matt Zajechowski (used with permission)

Houseplants may look beautiful, but they are certainly not harmless. Over a quarter of pets poisoned by non-drug products in the United States are poisoned by houseplants, which is why pet owners should learn to identify plant species and the symptoms of poisoning. The following infographic, which originally appeared on Pots, Planters & More, illustrates the 12 most toxic plants, commonly found both indoors and outdoors, and explains what to look for. Keep those furry friends safe!

Toxic Plants infographic© Matt Zajechowski (used with permission)

12 houseplants to avoid if you have pets
Dogs and cats are susceptible to poisoning if they come into contact with many common houseplants. Learn what they are in order to keep your furry friends safe!

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