Petomato Repurposes Plastic Water Bottles as Micro Hydroponic Gardens

©. Petomato

Ambitious gardeners might head out to the back yard and start tearing up the whole lawn to make room for garden beds, but many of the garden-curious need something quite a bit smaller in scale to begin with, such as a single plant or two. Keeping a few plants alive and thriving is fairly simple to do, and with any luck, the successful experience of growing a single plant will plant the seeds of a gardening passion that just might end up feeding a family, a neighborhood, or a community.

Hydroponic growing, a soil-less method that can help take some of the guesswork out of growing, has seen a resurgence lately, and we've covered new versions of personal hydroponic devices that aim to make it simpler for beginners, and an assortment of plug-n-play hydroponics options, but even those are much more complex than this next little device, called the Petomato.

The Petomato is a special bottle cap that fits on the top of a plastic water bottle and repurposes it into a micro hydroponic garden, and according to the website, is "easy and requires little maintenance."

"Simply insert the seeds into the top of the water bottle, fill it with water and watch the plants grow. Mother Nature takes care of the rest.
The cool thing about Petomato is its simplicity and versatility. Any space big enough for a water bottle and near a window with adequate sunlight is the perfect place for Petomato."

Sure, you could probably copy this system to make your own DIY micro hydroponic garden from recycled water bottles without buying the device, but for those who are all thumbs, or don't want to build their own, Petomato might be worth the $14.99.

And now for what you've all been waiting for, and what might be the most entertaining hydroponic video ever, Petomato Man introduces us to the product:

Petomato is available with seeds for cherry tomatoes, habanero peppers, basil, mint, arugula, or parsley, and can be purchased from the website.