Pepsi Orders 100 Tesla Semi Trucks, Largest Order Yet

tesla semi image

Hopefully, the early demand for Tesla's rig pushes other competitors to innovate too.

When I wrote about Anheuser Busch ordering 40 Tesla Semi trucks, a commenter quickly pointed out that Sysco had ordered 50. Now Pepsi appears to be trouncing both of them with an order of 100, according to Reuters.

Yes, given that Pepsi operates a fleet of around 10,000 trucks worldwide, an order of 100 is not that big a deal. But I think the growing number of companies—and the apparent increasing size of their orders—should be seen as a commitment to greener, more efficient freight options. By placing these orders, companies like Pepsi send a clear message not just to Tesla and their shareholders (Tesla stocks rallied after the Pepsi order), but to competitors too. If corporations are going to make good on their promises to cut their carbon footprint substantially, then it will require more than just incremental improvements in diesel-powered trucking efficiency.

It would be nice, of course, if commitments like these also extended to a revival, expansion and improvement of rail freight too. But I'll take what I can get at this point.

As personal transportation gets increasingly electrified, it's good to see signs of fledgling progress on freight and public transportation too.