5 People With Serious Kitchen Knife Skills

One thing these knife-wielding pros have in common is a very sharp knife. (Photo: Cooks' Heaven/YouTube)

How do some cooks and chefs become so skilled at using a knife that they can chop vegetables insanely fast while not watching what they're doing very carefully? It seems there are three things that come together to make someone seriously great with a kitchen knife.

  • A properly sharpened knife
  • Pratice, practice, practice and then more practice
  • Muscle memory

When you put these things together, some seriously impressive slicing and dicing can happen. Here some people who are crazy good at wielding a kitchen knife, but please don't try this at home, kids.

In the first 50 seconds of this video, a street food vendor in India skillfully chops 6 onions. At times he is looking at the camera instead of down at the knife and his fingers, none of which look like they've ever had to be sewn back on.

The way this guy peels an apple is mesmerizing. The way he doesn't maim himself while doing it is impressive.

A chefs hands are so important. Master sushi chef Hiro Terada is so confident in his knife skills that he's willing to use them while blindfolded. (Again, don't try this at home!)

This blindfolded chef makes the previous blindfolded chef look like an amateur. He slices on top of a balloon that's perched on top of a nail.


Muhsina Tabassum carves fruits and vegetables into beautiful pieces. Speed is not part of her serious kitchen knife skills, but precision and patience are. This is one you may actually want to try at home.