Have We Reached Peak Pickle Flavor Yet?

Dill pickle flavor isn't just for dill pickles anymore. (Photo: natali_ploskaya/Shutterstock)

As far as food trends go, this one is for people with very specific tastes: pickle devotees. Dill pickle is the flavor of the moment, and it's being added to everything from ice cream (the marriage of the clichéd pregnancy craving of pickles and ice cream) to toothpaste. New pickle-flavored products are coming on the market all the time.

Just last month, Sonic launched a Pickle Juice Snow Cone Slush, which one Twitter user said tasted like "kool-aid pickles." But we don't have to take her word for it. We can see the reaction to this frozen pickle-flavored drink when a dad and his two young kids try it outside one of the drive-in locations.

I don't find that reaction very surprising. But regardless, pickle-flavored foods are big business at the moment. If there's a will, there's a way — and some food company is finding a way to add pickle flavor to it. Take these items, for example:

Vodka: While the Sonic Slush is probably not made from actual pickles, this is. Chilled Dills produces a naturally-infused pickle flavor vodka that can be used for cocktails like the Bloody Mary or Pickled Tini.

Popcorn: There are several brands of pickled-flavored popcorn on the market, including Trader Joe's, as well as pickled-flavor popcorn seasoning that can be sprinkled on plain popcorn.

Soda: Pickle Juice Soda is a thing, but maybe it shouldn't be. It has one lone review on Amazon, and that reviewer was more impressed with the quick shipping than the soda itself, saying, "It came quickly but there should be a warning this does not taste good. Definitely a gag gift."

Chips: Only those in Canada (or someone willing to overpay on Amazon or Ebay) can enjoy Doritos Intense Pickle Tortilla Chips made with extracts of dill weed and cucumber.

Ice cream: The soft serve at Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. in New York City supposedly tastes like "briney cucumber" as the video describes.

Toothpaste: For $9.99, you can buy a tube of pickled-flavored toothpaste on a website called Pickle Addicts (imagine that).

How many other pickled-flavored foods are there? We found a few including, sunflower seeds, popsicles, crackers, nuts, gummies, mints, candy canes, sauerkraut, potato chips, and lip balm (but please don't eat that last one).

Have we reached peak pickle flavor yet? Probably not.