This Passivhaus Ain't No House, It's a 20 Storey Office Building

©. RHW.2 Tower

The Passivhaus concept results in buildings buildings that use lots of insulation and careful design to reduce energy consumption to a fraction of conventional buildings. In North America, they call it Passive House, which is a mis-translation of Haus; it can mean any kind of building. In this case, it is the first high-rise office building to be formally certified as meeting the standard.

The RHW.2 office building, in Vienna, Austria, is twenty storeys and and 260 feet high, providing space for 900 employees. According to Passivehouseplus,

The building’s energy concept is compelling: energy is provided by a photovoltaic system as well as a combined heat, cooling and power plant. Even the waste heat from the data centre is re-used, with cooling partly coming from the Donaukanal. The decisive factor in achieving the passive house Standard was the radically increased efficiency of the facade, the building component connections, the mechanical systems – and even the coffee machine. In combination with optimised shading equipment, the heating and cooling demand was reduced by 80% compared to conventional high-rise buildings.
office building

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There isn't a lot of information about the building in English; here is a PDF in german describing it. It's designed by Atelier Hayde Architekten for the Austrian Raiffeisen-Holding Group