Award-Winning Chair Is Made From Shredded Newspaper and Expired Flour

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paperchair recycled newspaper Peter Plantan Nusa Zupanc
©. Peter Plantan and Nusa Zupanc

© Peter Plantan and Nusa Zupanc

For their entry in a chair design competition, Peter Plantan and Nusa Zupanc wanted to use the simplest materials possible. They settled on shredded newspaper, plastic bottle caps and natural glue made from expired flour and water. The result is the PaperChair, which deservedly took first prize in the competition, hosted by AWR.

Plantan and Zupanc, students at the Faculty of Architecture in Slovenia, made the sections that form the chair using a mould from recycled foam board. Once dried, the layers were connected by plastic bottle caps. The design is simple, smart and supposedly quite comfortable:

Its shape is adapted to human body. PaperChair is slightly flexible, so it adjusts to whoever sits in it whilst still supporting their spine. Its reclined shape is encouraging you to slightly lean back without slouching. In such position, discs in your spine move the least, which is optimal for your back.
paperchair flour newspaper glue plantan zupanc awr

© Peter Plantan and Nusa Zupanc