The Paper Saver Is the Most Eco-Friendly Notebook Ever

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The Paper Saver comes without paper inside, because it's meant to be stuffed with old, discarded printouts from your home office.

The eco-friendly notebook business is pretty hot these days, with beautiful covers enclosing thick piles of 100 percent recycled paper. But no company has taken its eco-minded ethos quite so far as Paper Saver. This Australian startup uses no new paper at all, not even recycled, having figured out an ingenious way to put unwanted, surplus paper to good use – and we all have plenty of that lying around!

The Paper Saver Notebook is a basic faux leather cover with a stainless steel binding, nylon bookmark, and elastic. It comes with no paper inside – because that’s where you put your extra sheets. Grab a stack of accidentally printed paper, or paper that’s already served its purpose in your office (40-50 sheets, standard size – 8.5” x 11”), and push it into the binding. Fold the other half over and you’ve got a half-blank notebook of 80-100 pages, ready for scribbling and sketching. Once you fill up those pages, pull out the whole wad of paper, flip it around, and start over again.

Paper Saver

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The idea for the Paper Saver grew out of architect founder Jon Yong’s frustration with the sheer quantity of draft designs that were printed and discarded as soon as changes were made. He created a homemade Paper Saver nearly a decade ago before realizing that others might enjoy such a device.

It’s a clever concept with potential to make one feel slightly less guilty about the fact that 50 percent of paper used in North American offices ends up as garbage, and that a whopping 27 percent of waste in landfills is paper products. Rather than using yet more resources on recycling and shipping, it makes sense to extend the lifespan of paper that’s already been made.

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Paper Saver offers free downloads of printable lines and grid patterns, if you don’t like writing on blank sheets. If you live in Canada or the United States, the Paper Saver is only available in black. In Australia and the rest of the world, cover colors include teal, brown, and red. Cost is approx. US $16 plus shipping.