Painting Your Pregnant Piggies

You have a couple of options to make your nails pretty during a pregnancy. (Photo: Amy Thibodeau [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

Your health care provider (and all of the old ladies on the corner) may caution you against having any manicures and pedicures during your pregnancy. Most commercial nail care products contain harmful chemicals (toulene and dibuty phthalates are two big offenders) that could be particularly harmful to a developing baby. But just because you can't see your toes doesn’t mean they shouldn't look pretty.

Buff or color? The easiest and most chemical-free option is to simply buff nails to a shine. But if you can't live without a little color opt for a formula that is toluene-, dibutyl phthalate (DBP)-, and formaldehyde-free. Check out this post for a list of eco-savvy nail polishes. When it is time to take off the polish, try the organic, acetone-, ethyl acetate-, and cruelty-free vegan nail polish remover from No Miss.

Faux nails: Acrylic nails damage the health of your fingernails by depriving them of oxygen and light and causing nails to become weak and brittle. They also provide a harbor for moisture, which can lead to a fungal infection. Removing acrylic nails requires the powerful and toxic solvent acetonitrile, which can irritate the respiratory system and damage your thyroid gland. Acrylic nails are not healthy for any women and you should certainly avoid them during pregnancy.