P-Tree, a Panacea for Public Peeing Problems (For Men, Anyways)

p-tree public pee problem photo
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We are perhaps a bit preoccupied with pee at TreeHugger. But it is valuable stuff that we just flush away, or worse, create the problem of public peeing. Rogier Martens and Sam van Veluw of AANDEBOOM have addressed the problem with the P-Tree, and demonstrated it at a recent rock festival.

p-tree public pee problem photo

The designers write:

The P-TREES were a great success at the Roskilde festival 2011 in Denmark, with more than 100.000 visitors and many of them using the P-TREE more than ones. For Roskilde AANDEBOOM produced 50 P-TREES in the typical Roskilde Orange color. The P-TREES were placed on 2 different spots near the main stage. By using the P-TREE the festivals problem with public peeing was significant reduced.
p-tree public pee problem photo
The P-TREE is a temporary tree-friendly urinal that can be fixed on every tree using straps and lashings. The P-TREE gives a feeling of freedom. The P-TREE can be hooked up to a central sewerage system or connected to a tank with a pump. Material: rotation molded recycled plastic, stainless steel and straps and lashings.


There are problems with this kind of solution, the sort of out of sight, out of mind pipe going into the ground that may work for a one-off situation but is not very practical. I would prefer to see a version with the tank built right into it. I am also not sure what proportion of the population is ready to pee in public like this in the daytime, sober. But even if some people use it, the load on the porta-potties will be reduced, benefitting both men and women.

But it would look good in Sami's garden.

More at AANDEBOOM, who I have covered on TreeHugger a number of times, calling Rogier Martens " one of those rare designers who blend humour, style and a bit of environmentalism."