31 Outside-The-Box Tips to Ditch Plastic

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TreeHugger and Elephant Journal have teamed up to share 31 creative tips for skipping plastic, one for each day of July.

At this point you know the drill: Don't buy plastic water bottles, take your reusable shopping bags with you to the market, avoid single-use plastic straws if possible. But what about picking the right chewing gum or turning plastic waste into ecobricks?

This is where TreeHugger has joined up with mindful living guide, Elephant Journal, to deliver a month's worth of tips for the Planet Over Plastic Challenge, also known as, "Elephant’s Favorite Personal Weird Little Avoid-Plastic Tips."

planet over plastic

© Elephant Journal

While the 31 tips do include some of the usual suspects – because not all of us are masters and/or some of us appreciate little loving nudges – there are still plenty of less-trendy tips that may have slipped beneath your radar.

As Elephant suggests, "take one tip a day to stay inspired, informed, and empowered. Even if you only manage to change 1 of these 31 things, you’ll have made a difference."

See it all over on Elephant Journal: Planet Over Plastic 31-Day Challenge. And happy plastic-free July!