Ottawa Is World's Coldest Capital (At Least Today)

He's bundled up well, but any skin exposed to frigid temperatures in wet weather is at risk of frostbite. . Roman Mikhailiuk/Shutterstock

Hey, Ottawa, it's cold outside. And not just cold. It's "coldest capital in the world" cold outside. It's #HypoThermageddon2017 cold outside.

Over the night of Dec. 27, Ottawa's temperatures dropped to minus 29 degrees Celsius (minus 20 Fahrenheit), three degrees colder than Mongolia's capital, Ulan Bator. On average, Ulan Bator is the coldest capital in the world, according to World Atlas.

When you factor in the wind chill, the temperature in Ottawa dropped to minus 36 C (minus 32.8 F).

Speaking to CTV News Ottawa, Environment Canada Senior Climatologist David Phillips said, "I think it will be colder than last year and the year before, no question about that. I have seen it in the past, where your coldest time of the winter was in the first couple of weeks."

That's probably little comfort to those living in Ottawa, however. They've taken to Twitter with the hashtag #HypoThermageddon2017 to express their dismay with the cold.

Some folks are still braving the temperatures, even if it's not necessarily the best idea.

If you're in Ottawa and you must go out in this weather, be safe. Ottawa Public Health issued a frostbite warning, and the the city has requested that the public call 311 to report anyone living outdoors so emergency sleeping spaces in homeless shelters and street outreach services can be made available.