Oslo, Norway, Getting 70 New Electric Buses

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©. Ruter

I've argued before that while electric cars are cool, electric buses are awesome. That's especially true in a city where most electricity is renewable, and where the authorities are getting serious about getting rid of cars (At least in the city center).

So it's good news indeed—as detailed recently over at Norway Today—that Oslo is apparently getting 70 new electric buses. And they'll be hitting the roads as early as Spring 2019. Bernt Reitan Jenssen, CEO of bus company Ruter, is also pretty clear that this is a sign of bigger things to come:

“This is the result of a political commitment to environmental measures and a common desire to put in place future-oriented and emission-free public transport as quickly as possible. Getting more electric buses in operation will give us all valuable learning, and we need this when we are going to implement bus contracts that are 100% emission free.”

Of course, commenters will be quick to point out that Norway is still making money from extracting oil and selling it abroad. So let's not go overboard in terms of painting a utopia. But it's encouraging indeed to see oil producing countries step up in terms of their own consumption, at least. After all, if everything goes to plan, Norwegians will soon be able to ride their city-subsidized cargo bike to get on an emission-free bus to fly on a 100% electric aircraft. Petro-state or not, that's pretty darned ambitious.

Now it's up to the rest of us to kick the oil habit too.