Which Eco-Cleaners Really Work?


The folks over at GreenHome (whom we featured as one of TreeHugger's Best of Retailers) have gotten down and dirty with some of their favorite environmentally-friendly cleaners, and come out with a list of what works best. Published in an issue of Green Home Living (GreenHome's online magazine), cleaners for the entire house are put through their paces, from laundry and dishwashing to glass and basin, tub and tile. Though there are some of the usual suspects present, (like Ecover's laundry detergent), some of TreeHugger's favorites are noticably absent: Seventh Generation, method, Mrs. Meyer's (which we also tested and liked) and B_E_E are all left out of the test. Nonetheless, the test does provide a good review of the products involved, and even have some advice about making your own, something which we're also familiar with. If you got dirt, check it out. ::Green Home Living via ::Apartment Therapy San Francisco