What Lies Beneath a "Healthy Skin" product

I was shocked by this, because I have to admit I use the stuff. Neutrogena is not exactly a health food store product but as an aging guy I wanted a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. Now I learn from Wired that the warm feeling I get when I put it on is the burning of my skin:

Marketers prefer the less-scary-sounding "alpha-hydroxy." It’s a corrosive acid that breaks apart the outer layer of skin, spurring new cell growth. While it may make you look younger, it can also make skin twice as vulner­able to sun damage — good thing Neutrogena adds SPF 15 sunscreen. When hydroxyacetic acid is not melting faces worldwide, it can be found in bathroom tile scum removers, where it dissolves minerals left behind in your shower.

Other ingredients are not as scary sounding but Wired does its best to make you run away. Suggestions welcome for a replacement! ::Wired

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